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2022 September 6th: Qi gave a talk at Neurocircuitry of Social Behavior Keystone Symposia, Daejeon, Korea. The title is: Genetic instability of brain OXTR generates diversity in brain OXTR distribution and social behaviors 


2021Sep30th: Qi gave a talk at the Social Brain Symposium 2.0: Social Neuroscience in the Post Pandemic Era, Tsukuba Conference 2021, Tsukuba, Japan,The title is Oxytocin receptor and the diversity of social behaviors. 



2021 July 29: Lenin was chosen to given an oral presentation at the 44th Japan Neuroscience Society meeting, in the symposium: Memory Improved 
Presentation Title: 2012m-1-01"Limb-clasping, cognitive deficit and increased vulnerability to kainic acid-induced seizures in neuronal glycosylphosphatidylinositol deficiency mouse models"

2021 July 29: Tsetsegee gave a poster presentation at the 44th Japan Neuroscience Society meeting, in the poster session: Industry-Academia Collaboration Presentation
Presentation Title: 2P-149 "The trait-like differences in cognitive bias in outbred CD-1 mice"

2021 March 25: Larry organized East/South East Asia Social Brain Symposium. Larry and Qi gave talks.

larry qi East Asia Symposium.jpg

2020 July 29: Larry and Qi chaired an international symposium at the 43rd Japan Neuroscience Society meeting.
Symposium Title: 2S07m" Oxytocin and Diversity in Sexual Preference, Social Bonding and Attachment from Medaka fish to Man"

Qi introduction.jpg
larry introduction1.jpg
larry introduction.jpg

2020 July: Larry gave a talk on 'Oxytocin and the neural mechanisms of pair bonding in prairie voles: Implications for autism' in the JNS meeting

larry talk.jpg

July 2020: Qi gave a talk on Towards creating a mouse loyal to its partner in the JNS meeting.

qi talk.jpg

July 2020: Lenin gave a poster presentation in the JNS meeting 

lenin talk.jpg
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